About Skinacea.com

The purpose, inspiration, awful name, history, and gratitude of Skinacea.com

The Purpose

Skinacea.com is a free website (no e-book selling gimmicks, I promise) with all the information I've learned about skin and acne throughout the years. It is a giant compilation of my skin clearing endeavors, successes, and failures. It is a place for me to be honest and informative. And it is my silver lining.

I know from personal experience how hard and depressing it can be to deal with acne. But in a way, I'm glad I survived my "breakout" years because I can now relay everything I learned to give other people as many shortcuts as possible to clear their own skin.

Learning about skin care, acne treatments especially, can be very overwhelming, so I hope this website also serves to underwhelm some of those aspects. To those of you dealing with skin issues, hopefully you can find emotional relief from Skinacea.com as well. I've definitely been there and done that. And in the words of Michael Jackson, "You are not alone."

The Inspiration

As I desperately searched for an acne cure, nothing was more frustrating to me than having information scattered all over the web that I could maybe or maybe not trust. Who knew if those before and after pictures for a certain pimple cream were real or just really photoshopped?

As I went through my trial and error process, testing this acne remedy and that new spot medicine, I can't remember how many times I went, "If only I knew..." For example, if only I knew that facials didn't really work as an acne treatment, I would have saved myself a lot of money.

The inspiration for Skinacea.com comes from a deep desire to save other people from making those same "if only" mistakes. It also comes from an urge to provide solid information to help cut down the time it takes to fully research acne, because honestly, when you have blemishes, nothing consumes your life more than finding a way to make your skin more beautiful.

The Awful Name

I'd like to apologize for being a dolt and choosing such a confusing and hard to pronounce site name. At the time, a portmanteau of skin + panacea (hence skinacea) sounded really cool. But I don't know what I was thinking. I blame Bennifer, TomKat, and Brangelina. Again, I apologize.

The History

For those of you who visited Skinacea.com before its 2011 makeover, I deeply apologize for leaving the site in such a state of neglect. With a full-time job, the only time I have to devote to site maintenance is consumed by life's other responsibilities. It's not an excuse, I know, but I will try my best to keep this site updated as frequently as possible.

I'm also sorry for all of the design flaws. I am not a computer whiz by any means, but I am slowly learning how to master the craft. As soon as I finish reading Wordpress for Dummies, I will attempt converting this old-fashioned static site into a more refreshing blog. But, with everything going on, look for these changes to happen at the end of the year.

The Gratitude

If I ever have the honor of giving a thank you speech, this is what I would say:

Thank you for your patience with the development of _____. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. And thank you for reading everything on _____. Nothing means more to me than knowing I've helped make a difference. Your support makes everything on this site worth writing.

P.S. - Fill in the blanks with Skinacea.com.

The Disclaimer

As this is a website on skin care and acne and I am doling out advice, it is only expected for a disclaimer to be in order:

First, I, by no means, am a dermatologist, so information on Skinacea.com should not be considered medical advice. Nor should it replace consultation by a qualified dermatologist or medical professional. Everything stated on this site is based on personal opinion and experience. Decisions you make and the outcomes of such decisions are solely your responsibility and not mine.

Second, I am not affiliated with any of the products mentioned on Skinacea.com. If one day I do happen to be affiliated with products, I will make it known. For now, the products on this site are simply ones that I've found to be well-tolerated by most people and get pretty good reviews.

The Final Word

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I've enjoyed making it.

If you want to share your success stories, say hello, or just want a shoulder to lean on during a skin crisis, shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

*Sending good skin vibes to everyone*