Skin Care

Some people are gifted with beautiful-skin genes, while other are less fortunate. However, whether you can roll around in a tub of lard and still not get a single pimple, a good skin care routine is essential for everyone.

Taking care of your skin will help you look younger than you really are, reduce the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and dark spots, and prevent cancerous lesions. Not to mention, having a great complexion makes you radiant and gives anyone an extra boost in their confidence!

It's never too late (or early) to start taking care of your skin. So let's get to it. Here are some things to help you learn how to care for your body's largest organ:

Keep in mind that topical products complement healthy lifestyles. Exercising, getting enough sleep every night, eating right, drinking enough water (half your weight in ounces!), not smoking, relaxing, and having fun are important factors in helping your skin get that glow.

Last updated: October 9, 2012

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