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Almost everyone has experienced doing something to mess up their skin, whether it's picking at a pimple, exfoliating too much, or using harsh acne treatments. The below chart is a list of healing products that will come in handy for these very situations.

These healing products work to soothe red and irritated skin (either from using new products or having an allergic reaction) and promote a fast skin recovery:


Product Name Description
Aquaphor Healing Ointment Can help calm down skin and reduce redness. Forms an emollient and protective barrier over irritated skin.
Polysporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment Helps wounds heal faster; Better than Neosporin because it doesn’t have the neomycin ingredient, which can be irritating for some people; Can dab some polysporin onto popped pimples to help them heal faster
Egyptian Magic Healing Cream An olive-oil based balm; Can sooth wounds or irritated skin, but be careful if you are clog-prone; Keeps skin soft and moisturized; Helps heal bruises
DuoDERM Extra Thin Dressing A hydrocolloid dressing for wounds; Similar to a skin band-aid; Used to cover up wounds to prevent infection and help them heal faster. (I like these better than band-aids because you can stick them completely over the wound. There are other brands available besides DuoDERM, but DuoDERM is my favorite.)
Fruit of the Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel Helps soothe and calm irritated skin; Cooling on skin that feels hot and prickly; Can use aloe vera gel from a plant, but only use the clear part because other green and white bits can make your skin itch
Raw Honey Raw honey is antiseptic, healing, and moisturizing; May calm down irritated skin; Especially good for burns and minor cuts; Do not use if allergic to bees
Cold Compresses Similar to eye masks, facial masks can be put in the fridge to use as a cold compress on irritated skin. Alternatively, you can use cold, wet towels on your skin to soothe redness and any swelling.
Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream Helps your skin heal faster; Soothes irritated skin; Good for cuts, scrapes, scratches; Good to use after a harsh skin treatment
Hydrocortisone Cream Soothes irritated, itchy, red, bump skin; Good for calming down skin.

Skin takes time to recover from irritation and allergic reaction, so don't expect any overnight miracles from using the above products. However, these healing products will help your skin heal faster and feel better.

When your skin is irritated, it's important to stop the source of irritation so it can heal. On top of using some of the above products, stop using whatever is causing you irritation. Give your skin a break for a few days, especially from a topical treatment, so it can return to normal.

This is a growing list of healing product recommendations. Please check back often for updates as new products are added.


Last updated: February 14, 2013

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